So many conversations I’ve had about implementing gospel proclamation, prayer, and Biblical methodology in churches have ended by the person telling me that either their church is so old, established, and “set in their ways” that they couldn’t survive such a a change, or that their church plant is too new and they really need to focus on the methods that are going to help them “get off the ground” first. While they agree that those are certainly fine things, they are certain that they just wouldn’t work in the church they are a part of—especially not right now. I can recall hearing Dr. John Snyder wonder aloud after one such conversation, “I wonder what the one ‘magic day’ is in the life of a church where they aren’t too young or too old, and it’s actually okay to follow Jesus Christ?”

I would encourage you to watch the clip below from Paul Washer on the foolishness of a pragmatic approach to Christian ministry, and to recall the words of Hebrews chapter three: “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…”

“When someone tells me, ‘Yes, we need to have a high view of God and we need to preach the gospel this way—just like you said, it’s biblical—but… that just won’t work.’ What you need to realize is that it never would ‘work!’ That is the mystery of the gospel! It is something that won’t work—except that God has ordained it, and the Spirit of God is behind it!” —Paul Washer

This clip is the second video to be released from the “Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically” extended interview archives, circa 2012.

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