Feedback we've received on Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically

The kind of feedback we’ve been getting on “Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically” goes far beyond the scope of what cinematography and packaging could ever accomplish, and for this we are eternally grateful. Soli Deo Gloria!  

This is just a sampling of some Facebook comments we’ve received in the last couple of months. If you’d like to see your feedback featured here, get in touch using the Contact link above! We’d love to hear how the Lord is using the study in your life. 

Just started our 4th time with this study here in South Africa. Please download the intro and “week 1” from their website. You will truly be blessed. This is the best study I have ever been part of. You’ll want to share it with everyone around you. — Tim Emery

As adult Sunday School teacher I can testify the Behold Your God study (which we’re halfway through now) has been one of the most life changing we’ve ever done – I heartily recommend it. — Jeff Smith

This study has truly been a blessing! We are on week 9 now. I’m sorry to have it end; but most assuredly, we will be returning back to our workbooks again and again. — Shannon Choate

We did this series in SS. Hands down, best video series I’ve ever done. The bigger we make ourselves, the smaller we make God. The bigger our God, the smaller we realize we are. — Susan Garland

Pastors, I cannot recommend this resource more highly! Solid teaching, quality production, very helpful student workbook. — Todd Whirley

We did this series on Wednesday nights. God-saturated and full of the wisdom that only comes from another realm. — Brady Thompson

I had this study in my Senior Bible class. Absolutely life changing. — Garrett O’Dell

Superb study!! Will change the way you think… Thank you! — Cori Randolph

This study is changing me! He is an awesome God, worthy of the time and rearranging of our lives to meet with Him! — Mary Phillips

Have spread it around and all have been helped by this series of teaching. Has made a great difference in my understanding and vision of our great God! — Stephen Cox

Awesome series on an awesome God! – Timothy DeYoung

Life-changing! — Barb Griswold

This is a wonderful study! Learned so much from it! — LeeAnn Davis

We are on Week 11. Wow….this has been eye opening and heart wrenching. Now to allow God to work….. — Bobbi Lazar

Great study! We went through this at church few months back, well worth the time spent in looking at these truths. — Thomas Klock

This was a great series. I highly encourage others to get this.— Bruce Binney

Great series! — Dianne Whitehead

We did this in ladies Bible study last year and my husband and I did it together at home. The workbook is one of the best Bible studies I’ve ever done. Very very well done. — Carol Hudson

I highly encourage everyone to buy this study, we are currently doing this at home my husband and I! — Nedelka Medina

Taking 25 people through the study here in Saskatoon starting this week. Had a group through it once before and we saw real growth and challenge brought to all involved. Looking forward to a second time through with this group. Great study! — Steve Flippin

One of the best Bible studies I’ve been thru. — Patty Flippin

We did this at my church, I think it’s the best Bible study I have ever seen. If you take this study to heart it will change you. — Gary Fitzpatrick

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